Love Collection 2

How it began

Every year 300,000 mothers die as a result of complications due to pregnancy and childbirth. The United States ranks 33rd worldwide in maternal safety.  And the numbers are getting worse.

On June 15th, 2016, Kristina tragically lost her beloved younger sister Laura, who died shortly after giving birth to her second son.

Kristina caring for her baby sister Laura

Laura was our everything

Laura was a brilliant and accomplished architect, artist, loving wife, mother, sister and friend. With a heart of gold and a wicked sense of humor, Laura touched the lives of every person she knew.

Einstein once said that “creativity is intelligence having fun” and Laura was the epitome of this!


From Kristina

I am honored that I got to spend 38 years on the planet with Laura. Every moment with her was treasured and full of love. For those who knew us as sisters, you know that our bond was unbreakable and filled with pure joy and a rare magical camaraderie. There are no words for my sorrow, but I know that her incredible spirit and love resides in my heart and truly holds something infinite and everlasting.

Celebrating Laura's Legacy

Cherishing the magical bond between sisters, and celebrating the legacy of Laura’s amazing life, in early 2017 Kristina was inspired to launch the “Love Collection” dedicated to her sister’s dear memory. Kristina got a powerful sign in April that Laura was a part of this collection:

"Give me a sign that you are still with me..."

Kristina receives a powerful sign

One day I was feeling so sad and missing Laura that I even said out loud "give me a sign that you are still with me, I miss you so much!" The next day I received a long email from Laura's friend Elizabeth in Brooklyn about a vivid dream she just had about Laura. In the dream Laura was living in a beautiful modernist loft she had designed and was throwing a fun dinner party. At the end of the evening Elizabeth was really sad that she had to go and Laura said "no, it's ok, I'm not alone, I'm with Kristina now and we're designing dresses together!"  I cried when I heard that and it gave me hope that she really is with us and that there's so much we don't know about the universe. Love truly transcends all.

Every Mother Counts

Embracing this transcendent power of sisterly love, Kristina has created a limited edition collection of exquisite pieces made from antique and salvaged textiles from across the globe. Each garment tells a story of life’s beauty, transience, and resilience. 20% of proceeds of each dress will be donated to in Laura’s name. With these efforts Kristina hopes to contribute to a crucial movement in today’s society to ensure that every mother has a right to the safest pregnancy and best care during and after childbirth. Kristina hopes this will empower women to become “the heroines of their own story” and keep the love of sisters alive.