About Kristinit

Founded in 2007, the KRISTINIT [kri-stee-neet] brand stands for the love of beauty, the empowerment of women, and giving back to causes like the environment and women's health. Kristina believes that now more than ever we must stand up as individuals and do what we can to be positive and make a difference in the world.

How it started

Long before Kristinit was worn by celebrities and carried nationwide at stores like Anthropologie, Kristina LOVED clothing and there was never any question that her destiny would involve fashion. As a 3 year old, she loved drawing, enjoyed dressing up with her mom’s silk scarves, and loved creating fashion shows with her Barbies.

Her first love

On the weekends, when other kids were outside playing in the dirt, Kristina immersed herself in old movies, watching Marlene Dietrich or Lana Turner slink across the screen, heroines of their own story, elevated to untouchable heights of confidence and glamour, due in large part to the costumes they wore. This was the stuff of dreams. Kristina was discovering her calling.

... becoming a walking encyclopedia of fashion and costume history


For 20 years, Kristina studied everything about fashion she could get her hands on, to the point of becoming a walking encyclopedia of fashion and costume history. She was particularly obsessed with 1930s Hollywood costumes and expressed her love in hundreds of illustrations of costumes.


As a Fulbright Finalist, Kristina studied art and theater at UCSC, fashion design and costume history at London’s renowned Wimbledon School of Art; honing her skills in New York, she worked extensively in theater, ballet, and opera. She earned an MFA in Costume Design at UCLA.

...driven by a desire to capture the confidence, the magic, and the feminine power...

First one of a kind pieces

From working in costume design, where she brought to life characters through clothing, Kristina’s true artistic pleasure emerged in creating beautiful one-of-a-kind garments out of reclaimed and antique fabrics. driven by a desire to capture the confidence, the magic, and the feminine power that she had been introduced to years ago by watching Marlene, Marilyn, and Audrey flourish on screen.

Kristina's designs soon caught the eye of Jen Ford, the editor at Lucky magazine, where Kristina was named a One to Watch designer. Her line was launched as "Kristinit" which is her endearing Latvian name.


Since then, Kristinit’s feminine and artistic creations have been featured prolifically in the media, counting Vogue.com, Harper’s Bazaar, Teen Vogue, and Los Angeles Magazine among the publications to feature her designs. She was one of Blake Lively’s favored designers on Preserve.us, and she includes blogger celebrities Rocky Barnes, Jenny Bernheim, and Michelle Madsen as regular clientele.

And then everything changed...


In 2016 Kristina’s life changed forever when she lost her wonderfully talented and beloved younger sister Laura, who died shortly after giving birth to her second child. Suddenly, these lifelong beliefs of love and feminine strength that had always propelled Kristina forward, became critical to her ability to turn tragedy into hope.


All the literature, art, and spiritual philosophy that Kristina had absorbed throughout her life had a new and profound meaning. Life’s ethereal beauty and impermanence had become very real to her.

For Laura

Wanting to keep the magical bond between sisters alive, and celebrate the legacy of Laura’s amazing life, in early 2017 Kristina launched the “Love Collection” dedicated to her sister’s memory. In Laura’s name, she designed a limited edition collection of pieces created from antique and salvaged textiles from across the globe. Each garment tells a story of life’s beauty, transience, and resilience.